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Terrapotta – By Bek – Handmade Pottery Wollongong NSW Australia


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I’m Rebeka. I live on the south coast with my husband and three children.

I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting but when I first learnt to create with clay I very soon realized that this was going to be a life-long passion.

Sharing that passion is also something I really enjoy. Learning something new can be daunting but I am very sensitive to that fact and create a relaxing fun environment that is comfortable and enjoyable.

Its so important to keep learning new things and to be creative and slow down. I encourage everyone to try they’re hand at clay. Even just for the experience. There really is nothing quite like it.

The thing I love about clay is that you never stop learning and that the creative possibilities are endless.

Bek x


Everything at Terrapotta is handmade by me with inspiration taken from the beautiful south coast of NSW Australia.

Be sure to check back regularly for new unique pieces to add to your collection. 

Shoreline cup Terrapotta

All Organic

All our products are made from organic clay sourced here in Australia

Original Designs

All my designs are made by me and inspired by my beautiful surroundings

Unique Pieces

Unique designs inspired by the beautiful south coast of NSW

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