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Cutting in: How to do it and why.

The Therapeutic Art of Pottery by Bek @ Terrapotta

Cutting in is done right before the pot is wired off the wheel. Using a wooden knife you angle your tool in such a way that it removes some of the excess clay around the bottom of your pot. It also can enhance the appearance of your pot by creating a bevel. The other reason is to make a space where your wire can easily pull through underneath and your pot can dry more evenly.

Holding your tool

You want hold your tool at 3 o’clock on your pot with the knife edge facing the pot and your left hand on top of the end of the tool so that its angled toward you. Get the wheel spinning first and slowly cut in from about 1cm above the wheel head. Thats the first step.

Removing the excess clay

Now you have cut in you need to turn your knife blade down and use just the tip right inside the cut youve made. Then slowly press down your blade towards the wheel head until you’ve pressed the clay down and away from your pot, avoiding the frustration of pushing the excess clay back into your pot.

Time and Practice

These angles aren’t easy at the beginning and it will take time and practice. Why not try using a centered ball of clay on the wheel and practicing cutting in until you are confident with using the wooden knife at different angles. That way it is a lot less pressure and frustration since your not digging in to a pot you may have worked hard to make. With patience and allowing yourself to make mistakes you will soon learn how to cut in like a pro.

Give it a go

I hope this information is helpful to you and that its encouraged you to try cutting in for yourself. If you would like some in person help, my classes are available to book online or you can have a one off class if you would like to work on something specific. Visit our Workshops page to book in today.